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Talking Points (what / why)

Please use or adapt any of the points below to help you communicate what this conference is about and why it is important for you to attend.

What is this conference?

  • This is the 67th Annual Conference and Showcase of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO).

What is EDCO?

  • EDCO is an independent and non‐profit association of persons engaged in the economic development of Ontario and its municipalities. The Council was formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1962 as the Ontario Industrial Developers Council Inc. In 1991, the Council changed its name to reflect the broadened and changing nature of the Ontario economy. Today’s membership embraces a broad spectrum of economic development practitioners across a variety of professions and at all levels of public and private sectors … each adding specialized knowledge to the existing and ever‐expanding resources of EDCO.

Why this conference?

  • For 66 years, the conference has been Ontario’s premier event for economic development practitioners with a common purpose: to build more prosperous and economically sustainable communities. 
  • It provides educational programming, case studies, interactive sessions and networking opportunities that will demonstrate different approaches and strategies to respond to current economic challenges and opportunities.
  • It provides an opportunity to connect with leading economic development practitioners who attend the conference.
  • The Showcase is an opportunity to connect with 30+ vendors that provide services and resources of value to the economic development community. EDCO’s Showcase vendors have tools that you can evaluate for potential future use or can help you control and reduce costs. This is your “one‐stop shopping” experience for solution providers saving you time out of the office and the expense of attending multiple conferences.
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